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Business Advisory & Consultancy

Capita Business Advisors and Tax Consultants can make all the difference in providing your business with actionable advice, custom-tailored plans and strategy sessions that can fuel your business growth and success for years to come.

Whether you need advisors for a single project or for your overall long-term trajectory, Capita can provide you with the knowledge to spot potential opportunities, foresee potential threats, and increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our advisors lay a strong foundation by optimising your business entity, crystallising your vision, and fortifying your business plan. We can then fine-tune your finances, expand the efficiency of your daily operations, and smooth out your transition from small business to thriving enterprise.

Our Business Consulting & Advisory Services can provide the following guidance to your business:

  • Establish a clear vision and measurable goals
  • Evaluate current operational procedures
  • Analyse revenues in order to increase profits
  • Analyse supplier contracts to decrease expenses
  • Improve business processes and operations for overall efficiency gains
  • Review and improve pricing strategy
  • Advise on launching new products or services
  • Recommend marketing tactics to improve market reach
  • Establish a timetable for growth, with specific milestones
  • Evaluate business technology
  • Analyse customer base
  • Transform your business

We are also proud to provide the following business advisory services to our clients.

Financial Plans & Budgets:

A financial forecast is a necessary part of your business plan enabling you to set financial targets and measure the performance of your business. Once your business is established and operating, budgeting is a necessary tool to continually measure the performance of the business to ensure you are on target in achieving your goals.

We have prepared successful financial plans for registered training organisations (RTO), family day care schemes, retail businesses, hospitality businesses, as well as other businesses. We have expertise to assist you in the preparation of the financial projections and budgets for your business! Click here to ask us how!

Business Start Ups: 

Do you want to start a business? Think of your business as a house.You need suitable ground and a solid base in order to construct your house;the same applies to businesses as well. Selecting the right entity structure is vital before you start your business. It is very costly to base your business on an unsuitable entity.

Let us sit with you to come up witha suitable structure for your business – sole trader, partnership, company (Pty Ltd) or trust. We can apply for the TFN and the ABN for you. If a Pty Ltd company is the chosen form of business structure, the company must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission; it must have a registered office; there are company secretarial duties that must be fulfilled. We can do that! Simply contact us and let us explain it in an understandable form!

Cash Flow Forecast:

Managing cash flow is a vital part of the business. Paying too early or too late may have serious consequence for your business financial health. Basic cash flow problems start from holding too much stock or having too many customers owe you too much for too long. We can provide you with timely and relevant cash flow projections to ensure you:

  • Realise and understand when cash is available.
  • Can prepare for the expansion of your business, for tax payments and for stock control.
  • Can plan for other key expenses. We will work with you to improve your bottom line!

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