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Barbers & Hairdressers

Do your costs need a trim? Could your profits use a treatment?  We understand that cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, but especially for salons and barber shops.  As a barber or hairdresser, it’s vital for you to stay on top of your income and expenses.

But your time is money, quite literally. Any time you spend on your books is time you are not earning income by serving your clientele.

We understand the barber shop and salon industry. At Capita Business Advisors and Tax Consultants, we can take the bookkeeping off your hands, so that you can better use your hands to make your clients look great!

From Start-Up to Ongoing Support

Are you considering starting a Salon or Barber Shop? There is so much that goes in to that decision. You will have to consider everything from your location, to employees and subcontractors, to obtaining funding for your start-up. We can advise you on the start-up issues you’ve already thought of…and the ones you haven’t even considered yet.

Are you Salon or Barber Shop that needs ongoing accounting support? We can jump in with accounting services and guidance on how to go beyond merely managing your business, to expanding your clientele and maximising your profits.

Our Services

We can provide you with bookkeeping and more, so that you spend less time on accounting and taxation, and more time on building your business.

  • Complete Accounting, Bookkeeping& Payroll Services
  • Accounting software selection & set-up
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Advice on Expense Tracking and Cost-Savings
  • Advice on Dealing with Subcontractors
  • Advice on Salon or Barber Shop Equipment Purchase or Lease
  • Business Entity Selection
  • Business Insurance Advice for your Salon or Shop
  • Advice on Financing New and Ongoing Salons/Shops
  • Proactive Compliance Work – On-time lodgment of documents with ATO, ASIC and other government agencies, to avoid penalties

We are qualified management accountants who can help you succeed in your business.

You make others look good. Let your Capita team do the same for your business. Ask us how we can help your salon or barber shop thrive!

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